Privacy Policy

⚠️ The Privacy Policy is only available in English at this time. By continuing to use the app, the user consents and agrees with the privacy policy below.

About the app, developer & user

In this Privacy Policy, the software provided is referred to as “KINN”, “the app” or “the application”, the provider of the application and creator of “KINN” is referred to as the “developer”, and the person using “KINN” is the “user” of the application.

Data Access

KINN is a mobile application available for the iOS and iPadOS platform and it requires your explicit permission access to the following on your device:

  • Contacts
  • Notifications

Allowing permission to contacts and notifications enables KINN to show the user upcoming birthdays, set reminder and schedule on the day notifications about the user’s friends and family’s birthdays, as well as suggest other people to keep in touch.

Computations and data processing (including of contacts data, reminders and notifications) are done locally, on the user’s device.

Network connectivity

KINN was built with privacy in mind and only uses information already available on the device.

KINN does not require an internet connection and will continue to work fine without one. No personal or identifiable information is ever uploaded or downloaded through KINN about the user’s contacts or groups.

Under certain circumstances, the application might connect to the internet to check and fetch availability of in-app purchases, which requires connecting to App Store Services, or for the purpose of reporting analytics.


KINN uses analytics for the purpose of understanding how frequently features are used, how the user interacts with the app and user demographics.

Data that is part of analytics:

  • General events and time of events related to user actions in the app (example: App Launched, Contact Added, Group Created etc)
  • The value of the app settings at a point in time (Contacts Sorting Option, Notifications Enabled)
  • Information related to user’s device (such as the device type, language, operating system and location)

Data that will not be collected for analytics:

  • User information related to personal contact data available on device
  • Information which can be the used to identify and track the user across other platforms, websites.

Analytics are used for understanding of application features use, user journeys and demographics.

Analytics are not used for identifying or tracking the users across websites, platforms or for any advertisement purposes.

The user can choose to opt out of analytics by disabling Analytics in the Settings section of the application.

Contacts, groups, accounts

The app uses the accounts (also named containers) available and set up on the user’s device to access and display contacts and groups information.

User’s contacts, groups and accounts information is processed exclusively on device in order to compute certain information, including (but not limited to):

  • Contacts’ age at a certain time
  • Upcoming birthdays 
  • Groups and contacts assigned to groups
  • Contacts’ full names
  • Deriving account names

The account names are not publicly exposed to the app by the platform’s operating system. To make it easier to distinguish which account a group belongs to, the app attempts to fuzzy match and provide a best guess on the account provider.

Reminders, notifications

In order to schedule daily notifications, birthday and custom reminders, KINN requires access to your notifications. Notifications are scheduled by the app on the user’s device, without requiring a server or internet connectivity.

Notifications are scheduled at the time the user opens the app, or upon performing a custom action, including updating a contact with birthday information or setting a custom reminder.

Settings and Lists

Settings preferences and lists are saved unencrypted locally, on device. These do not contain any personally identifiable information about the user.

The saved data is stored in two forms:

  • As a key-value pair (i.e. Enable Birthday Notifications: Yes)
  • As a key-list value pair (i.e. Favourites: ID1, ID2, ID3…)

Predefined Lists (such as Favourites and Exclusions) are stored unencrypted on the device as a list of UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) and do not contain any identifiable information about the user or the saved contacts.

Future changes to this Privacy Policy

The developer of KINN does not intend to compromise on the user’s privacy or change how the data is processed, handled and managed by the application.

As features are added, improved or removed, the developer of the app reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy in order to reflect said features use, handle and manage the data.

Last updated: 03 August 2020