Privacy Policy

⚠️ The Privacy Policy is only available in English at this time.

Data Access

KINN requires your explicit permission access to the following on your device (iPhone or iPad):

  • Contacts
  • Notifications

Access to the above enables KINN to show you upcoming birthdays, set reminder and schedule on the day notifications about your friends and family’s birthdays, as well as suggest other people to keep in touch.

All computations (including of contacts data, reminders and notifications) are done locally, on your device.

Network connectivity

Absolutely no data or information is ever uploaded or downloaded through KINN. KINN was built with privacy in mind and only uses information already available on your device.

KINN does not require an internet connection and will continue to work fine without one.

Settings and lists

Settings preferences and lists are saved unencrypted locally, on device. These do not contain any personally identifiable information.

The saved data is stored in two forms:

  •  As a key-value pair (i.e. Birthday Notifications Enabled : True)
  • As a key-list value pair (i.e. Favourites: ID1, ID2, ID3…)

Favourites List and Exclusions List are saved unencrypted on your device as a list of UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers), as described above, without any personal identifiable information about the contacts.

Contacts, groups, accounts

KINN uses the accounts (containers) you have already set up on your device to access contact and group data and display them in the app.

Your contacts, groups and accounts information is processed exclusively on device in order to compute certain information, including (but not limited to):

  • Your contacts’ age at a certain time
  • Upcoming birthdays 
  • Groups and contacts assigned into groups
  • Contacts full names
  • Accounts (named containers) name deriving

The containers (accounts) names are not publicly exposed to KINN, thus a fuzzy matching / guess will be made in order to help you understand which account your groups belong to.

Reminders, notifications

In order to schedule daily notifications, birthday and customer reminders, access requires access to your notifications. They are scheduled by KINN on your device, without requiring a server or internet connectivity.

Notifications are scheduled the time you open the app, or upon a custom action, including updating a contact with birthday information or setting a custom reminder.